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How-to Start a Device Tree.

Hello, I know it’s been a long time since my last post and I figured that since there was no real guide on this(that I found) I should write one. This will be quick and dirty.

1. Check out the source.

2. make the otatools.

3. run build/tools/device/ [VENDOR] [CODENAME] [PATH_TO_BOOT.IMG]

4. Edit the skeleton


gelato meet ice cream

http://db.t/GRLlh6CL this is my build from BobZhome’s thunderc tree with a proper kernel.

PS: Check out my sdx thread at here.


I just wanted to let people now about vimpress. Vimpress is a plugin for vim that allows you to access wordpress. Chack out
this site.

Blogit is much better than vimpress for wordpress. I’m actually using this right now.
this has inspired to create a vim facebook plugin. I will post when it works.

There’s a fatal flaw in blogit. It causes a segfault when posting among other problems on vim built with python27. Should fix that because I use python 2.7.2 extensively for the availability of python 2 modules and 3.2 features.


At first my sister inspired me to make this. Now she refuses to use it. The only reson it’s working with QT is because most of the code is borrowed from another project of mine. Well, here it is…

here’s a folder containg all current archives.

P.S. these require Python, PySide, PyYaml, and universal feedparser for python. For now, these are unlicensed, but will eventually be MIT licensed.

P.S.S as always the code is also on my bitbucket

New Project.

On my bitbucket there is now a new shirt.woot rss parser.

My sister gave me the idea, sadly she won’t install python and i wouldn’t use .NET

First Post! — Qwibber

Qwibber is dead for now. I first need to really learn PyQt. Also I need to become a master of python — I already knew some. I have a Mac, so I’m used to devs assuming all Mac owners have money to waste on bad-designed shareware. When Qwibber is back, I will still make it MIT licensed. Hopefully, I’ll learn Qt soon.